Danny’s Testimonials

These are REAL local people you can talk to.

“Danny has helped me so much. I have lost 22 lb of fat and I’ve toned up my arms especially the back. He knows whats he’s doing and gave me a diet I could actually do. My sister and her husband use him too and same thing they love him. She’s already down 9 lb first month.”

Karen W, Wake Forest, NC

“I was seriously at the end of my rope. SO FRUSTRATED. Danny trained me and it worked. I lost a ton of weight, but I kept my curves.”

Kristy G. Raleigh, NC

“Hands down the best! I have trained with Danny for years, and his seemingly never ending knowledge of nutrition and training is truly remarkable. If you are looking for results-look no further. Danny is a not only a highly respected, exceptional trainer he is also a great person that cares about his clients.

Dr. Matthew Osborne, Osborne Chiropractic. Rolesville, NC

“I could not have done it without you Danny. Thank you.”

Jean P.  Wake Forest, NC

“Danny is an amazing personal trainer. His knowledge of the keto lifestyle, intermittent fasting and kettlebells is astounding. He has a great mix of professionalism and personalization every time we train. For the first time ever…..I look forward to working out!”

Kara K. Wake Forest, NC

“Danny has taken my training to a whole new level. I do mean training not just exercise. My husband and I were looking for someone who could coach us through linear progression barbell training. Not everyone knows what that is, but Danny does! He understands the science and applies it for success at strength training and diet. I’ve gone way beyond barbells. I’m squatting and dead-lifting above my body weight in less than a month. If you want to be strong, you need Danny as your coach.”

Danae A- Wake Forest, NC

“Danny is the best trainer. I am down 15 lb. in less than a month.”

Tracey B. Raleigh, NC

“I could not have done it without you Danny. Thank you.”

Jean P.  Wake Forest, NC