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Dragon Door Kettlebells

You want results that last…And Kettlebells too. Dragon Door brought KB lifting to America in 2001, and they make the best Kettlebells. Period.

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 Dragon Door

They are nearly bombproof with the best finish and hand feel. My Dragon Door Kettlebells are still going strong nearly 20 years after I bought them. They are the industry standard.

Gloves are usually a no-no. But there are times the calluses and blisters get the best of you. These Striker Tough Skins are just what ya need to still get your Swings and Snatches in. I used them after my hand surgery, and can vouch for them 100%. Your fingers stay free to grasp the bell. Get them BEFORE you need them. Available in Sm/med and Large XL. $7.99 Plus shipping (if applicable)

Striker Tough Skins

One pair, please note the size either Med (most women) or Large (most guys)



Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe $25


The best book on barbell training ever written. Period. Get Rip’s book and learn what the pros know. Get strong, get serious, and get your lifts right. Worth every penny- trust me.

Starting Strength 3rd Edition