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Overweight woman
Let Danny solve your body problem.

The following is a real questionnaire I used with a client:

Is your body the body you want?

No. I feel like I live in someone else’s body. I hate how I have let myself go.

Are you at your emotional best?

No, I’m a mess. I cry. Stressed out of my mind. Everybody thinks I’m OK- but I’m not.

Could you look younger for your age?

Uh, yeah. I look old, I feel even older.

These were the REAL answers I got from a client that lost 111 lbs. Not a typo. 111 lbs.

She was about to ditch the whole idea of fixing her situation. Then she put her foot down, and changed her life.

This is what’s possible.

Can you relate?

Maybe you don’t have 100 lbs to lose. But…

Are you frustrated? About done? Ready to quit? Seriously just over it?

Good. You found Danny. What we will do together  works exceptionally well. We use science- not gimmicks- to get you back in control of your body.

Get ready for a challenge, but rest assured you’re in good hands. Overweight women are my focus and I understand your needs and challenges. You will shed fat and discover a new you. People will talk. Yes, they will ask, “What are you doing?” “How on earth did you do this?”

I don’t take every client that contacts me. I only take the fighters. If you are so done with your current body and mind, let’s talk.