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Welcome to Danny’s Elite Lean. Are you stuck? Frustrated? Tired of all the conflicting advice? Do you feel like you have a leaner person inside you ready to burst out? I know exactly how you feel, and I will help you.

Let me introduce a new life of leanness and control. You can do this. I have clients losing 15-20 lbs of pure fat (not water!) in a month. These are real local Wake Forest and Raleigh people you can talk to. Certified, Insured, Background checked. References.

“I have lost 15 lb of pure fat in 3 weeks with Danny. I think he is the best trainer I have ever had.” D. Ball.

“Hands down the best.” Dr. Matthew Osborne

“I am down 9 lbs already. Wow.” Kara K.

“I didn’t think I could do this. But Danny has showed me the way. I got this! I am down serious inches. My clothes fit way better.” Kristen S.

Privacy Policy: Danny will email you news, offers, promotional and information on the goings on at Danny’s Elite Lean. I will not sell, rent or otherwise share your information without your permission. That wouldn’t be cool.