About Danny’s Elite Lean

Dan rail side smile BWI’ll solve your weight problem- Guaranteed.

Are you ready to make the big healthy change? Want to finally end the weight loss struggle? Tried everything? Stuck and Frustrated? Feel like you could scream sometimes? I get it. Consider hiring Wake Forest and Raleigh’s most trusted Body Transformation Specialist.

When you hire Danny there is no more guesswork. No more wondering if you’re doing it right.

He sets up a proven simple plan for you to follow. And  you’ll soon see stunning changes in your body- and so will everyone else.

“I have already lost 17 lbs working with you and I feel great about it.

Jeanette P. Wake Forest, NC

The exercise and nutrition plan is designed specifically for you. No gym fees, no guesswork, and no wasted time.

Dan Joyner color KB Top Swing
Danny teaches the Swing to beginners In Wake Forest.

    Danny is a highly respected fitness authority, author, and weight loss coach. He specializes in women’s fast, permanent body slimming by using proven methods he developed over 20 years of helping others.

Rana and Danny
Danny and his beautiful wife Rana. Danny, what’s up with your hat?

     You will be getting an expert coaching you- in your very own living room. Take advantage of his experience and use it to end the weight loss struggle. Hard cases welcomed with open arms.

Dan pic
This was my head-shot for a motorcycle magazine. I wrote fitness articles for off road cyclists.

     Danny’s Elite Lean in home training serves Wake Forest and North Raleigh area. Female stubborn Weight loss is his specialty and he services members in the comfort of their own home.

    Danny is an industry expert that has published numerous fitness articles and uses his vast knowledge to get his clients real results. If you’re ready…Contact me.

“Hiring Danny was the best decision I made in 2017.” -D. Ball Raleigh NC