Women’s workouts should make you smile.

I have a wonderful client that is a well-known Raleigh TV news personality. Out of respect for her, we will keep her name confidential but I’m sure you’ve seen her. She is progressing quickly with our body transformation program.

She told me about a recent Boot Camp she attended. They beat the life out of the participants. Absolutely smoked them with hundreds of useless reps. Presumably to “feel the burn.” No one could walk for days. She hated it. This is the opposite of what should happen. Your workouts should make you smile.

Why is this irresponsible exercise approach so popular with trainers? Because popular media say so. You’re supposed to be pummeled into the ground to have any chance of having a gorgeous body. But it’s not true.

Here’s the American workout plan:

-Beat myself up with endless reps and train till I can’t walk for 3 days at Gym America.

-Eat a balanced diet-whatever that means.

-Suffer, deprive, forget my social life, never enjoy wine or butter again.

Now, I know you would never succumb to such a plan, but trust me, this is what’s being doled out in the commercial gyms and to many “boot camp” participants. These “trainers” should be sued for malpractice.

Give yourself the gift of training correctly which means leaving a little energy in reserve. Don’t get drained. Don’t do countless reps. Stop the workout before you hit your limit.

Work hard, yes, of course. But make your sessions brief  and invigorating. Your workouts should give you energy in a very real way.

After our session when I drive away (“Finally, he’s gone!”) you’ll say to yourself, “I could have done a little more.” That’s intentional and planned. And that’s exactly where I want you, in the happy valley between enough stimulus to spur change combined with enough recovery to allow the adaptations to occur. No more, no less. Apply the science to your training, not the popular nonsense. As Dr. Squat, Fred Hatfield, said years ago, “You want to burn? Light a match.”

Stay fresh, strong, and never lose your hunger to maximize your health. Keep some in the tank- always.

Best wishes always,

Your trainer Danny

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