Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Danny- How fast can I expect to see and feel results. I want this flab off of me- now!

A: You will start to feel and see changes within 2 weeks. Fat loss of 12-15 lb the first 2 months is not uncommon when training with Danny.

Q: Danny can your programs give me the look and results I want?

A: Absolutely 100%. Sexy, leaner, sculpted, toned, athletic, confident, strong but still feminine, mobile, more alive, more alert, feeling empowered. Danny’s Kettlebell programs deliver an elegant beauty to my female clients.

Q: My trainer said you need a gym to get real results, what’s the story?

A: Results are derived from the application of basic adaptation principles. I give your body the right “dose” of stimulus and it adapts and comes back a little bit better ready to handle the next stress. Your body doesn’t know, nor care, where it is receiving the stress. Some of the most successful trainees train at home, and always will. I have long friendships with some of the best strength coaches in America and these guys always train at home. Gyms have sadly turned for the worse, and unfortunately lots of gyms are drama filled gossipy nightclub-like environments. Some gyms are wonderful, but they are rare. I like training clients in home to avoid distractions, waiting for equipment and everyone’s sweat all over the place. For laser like focus on results- nothing beats in home training.

Q: What can Danny’s programs do for men?

A: Lose fat, get rugged, get strong, killer cardio capacity. There’s a strong athlete in you- Can we let him out of his cage?

Q: Kettlebells get a lot of hype, do they work?

A: Yes, and I think they are under hyped if anything. Combining KB’s and the proper diet yields staggering fat loss and body re-comp changes. The improvements are nothing short of stunning.

Q: Who can use KB’s?

A: Almost everyone. You need not be athletic or physically gifted to learn the KB basics to totally transform your body. I train moms and dads, college students, housewives, professionals and seniors. Kettlebells are for anybody that wants to change their body for the better.

Q: Danny, I do NOT want to get big. I see some really muscular people using Kettlebells. That’s not the look I want. What’s the deal?

A: Anytime you see someone that is extraordinarily muscular you can rest assured that they adopted a specific, deliberate plan to get that way. Muscles do not just “show up” unannounced. Let’s put this in perspective- A 24 year old athletic, motivated male can add maybe a few lbs of muscle in 2-3 months. This is with a dedication to that goal that consists of eating, lifting heavy barbells, and a round the clock adherence to a program to add muscle mass. This is not you. In 20 years I have had 2, yes two female clients out of hundreds that wanted to add mass. 99.99% of my female clients want to look sexy and sleek with a hint, just a touch of an athletic looking body.  Train with me and you will not get “big.” It will not happen, it cannot happen. Worrying about this is akin to playing a round of golf with Jordan Spieth and “worrying” that you might end up as good as him. Not a chance.

Q: Are Kettlebells dangerous?

A: Yes, if not used properly. When used properly under the watchful eye of a competent coach, they are quite safe. Most injuries occur when extending a set past good form. A good coach will cut the lift off before fatigue causes an injury.

Q: There are so many exercise options out there, what should I do?

A: You’re right. There’s TRX, Pilates, Calisthenics, Sand bag Training, Barbells, Dumbbells, Resistance machines, Yoga, Jazzercise, Tai Chi,Spinning, Aerobics, Zumba and on and on. The list is nearly endless.

In my opinion, in working with hundreds of people to make big changes, all in all, the Kettlebell is the best tool I have found. It is one of the few modalities that can improve strength and cardiovascular fitness all in one. It teaches balance and demands coordination and concentration. KB’s are wonderfully adept at helping people lose tons of body fat: they are compact and last forever.

Never mind the confidence they build as you begin to master the lifts. The Swing, Snatch, Get up, Windmills, Bent press, and the Pistol squat just for starters. There are more. Many more.

Q: Anyone I know using Kettlebells?

A: Hollywood A- Listers such as Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, Penelope Cruz, Matthew McConaughey, and Angelina Jolie just to name a few. Numerous NFL, MLB, NHL, and NBA athletes. Models, moms, dads, business people. If you happen to see a stunning physique, ask them if they use KB’s. Chances are they do.

Q: How do I get started with you, Danny?

A: Simply call, text or email me and I will set up your first visit. I come to your home. There is no charge for this initial session. I will find out all I can about you and what you want your exact body to look like. Then we will begin to tailor a nutrition and KB program to have you lose fat fast.

You will learn the Swing, Deadlift, and Clean at first. These make up the foundation of your fat loss journey. Next we will add exercises as needed to keep you fresh and losing fat. Your dietary changes will be modified weekly by me. No guesswork on your part. Just do my program with me and get results. I am with you every step of the way.

Q: I have never touched a Kettlebell, can I do this?

A: Most definitely. I teach beginners the fundamentals of KB’s very frequently. I love introducing them to new folks! The fat loss, the mobility, the confidence! If there is a down side to proper KB training, I am unaware of it.

Q: What might affect my rate of fat loss?

A: Genetics, history of obesity, compliance, willingness to change, willingness to use KB’s consistently, age, sex, hormones, menopause, stress, insulin sensitivity, sleep quality and a whole host of other factors. The bottom line is some of these things we can’t change- some we can. We get results by changing for the better those things that we can indeed change. you will see and feel a huge difference when you train with Danny.

Q: Alright Danny, I’m in. I’m ready to hack this fat off and be alive again. What do I do?

Q: Danny, what’s the deal with fasting?

A: Fasting is one tool I use with select clients that are metabolically resistant to weight loss with more conventional nutrition methods. Remember, I take on the hardest cases- people that have tried basically everything and not succeeded. In most cases, it is an insulin problem. Simply put there is too much sugar in the body, and in the presence of elevated insulin the body won’t release its fat for energy. About one of three of my clients implement intermittent and extended fasts- with very impressive results.

Q: Are Kettlebells the only exercise method you use?

A: Not at all. I have an extensive background in Barbell training and body-weight/calisthenics training. My strength programs are different in programming, loading parameters and the exercises themselves. That being said, the nutrition plans for my barbell folks are focused on increasing calories to support lean tissue production and strength acquisition- a slightly different focus than most of my weight loss focused clients have. But whether the goal is to lose fat or gain muscle mass, we always strive to keep or add as much muscle as possible.

Q: How does your program differ from what I would get at Lifetime or Planet Fitness?

A: Planet Fitness and its many brothers are in the sales business, that is, acquire as many bodies as possible to pay X dollars per month. I am in the results business, and anything that doesn’t deliver gets discarded immediately. I don’t have to play it safe- they do. Big commercial gyms are forced to decorate the workout floor with new and expensive machines. When you look closely, you’ll find that the commercial gyms are there to entertain and pacify. This is why the gym looks like a resort and has a sea of TV’s everywhere. Additionally, most gyms, behind the scenes, are actually in the real estate business. They’ll buy a piece of land and a building, then create a gym to have members pay the note off. Perfectly OK, but keep in mind these motivations when you consider joining.

Q: If a trainer is certified, they must be competent, right?

A: There is a vast spectrum of trainer competence. It’s shocking, actually. For a time years ago I was in charge of certifying trainers for a large commercial chain. This was an exercise in futility as these “trainers” already knew everything. And that is the problem with most of them- they are not interested in learning more because they already know what works. Even if what they know is dead wrong and counterproductive to your goals. They already “know” that a low fat diet is a must, that squats are bad for your knees, and that a treadmill is the best way to get lean. They don’t change their minds in light of new evidence because such evidence must be searched for and discovered. Unfortunately, most trainers are uninterested in this process.

Q: I don’t know Danny, I have seen some awfully attractive bodies at Planet Fitness and Lifetime. It must work right?

A: Be careful not to confuse cause and effect. A good physique can be the result of genetic luck, and you should use caution to not hire the most attractive trainer you meet. Their “results” likely have nothing to do with their exercise and nutrition knowledge. In many cases, they became trainers because they looked good- not because they are competent to instruct others. In fact, let me say that some of the absolute worst workout advice is doled out in gyms everyday by fitness bunnies and meatheads that “must” know what works. Tread cautiously.

Q: What’s more important, exercise or nutrition?

A: The age old question. How about this analogy: Exercise loads the gun- diet pulls the trigger. Both work better in unison. They “feed” off each other. Charles Staley pointed out years ago that diet compliance is way higher when you do some exercise. This has been my experience in 20 years of fitness coaching.

Q: OK Danny, how about a free fitness tip?

A: Sure thing. Here’s one- Do not fear heavy weights. Heavy KB and Barbell work creates near miracles. I say that without hesitation. You will not get big. Show me someone that eats a low or no sugar diet and swings or squats hard during the week and I’ll show you a way above average body. Want to be Sexier? Squat. Swing. Lift heavy things. Let everyone else watch TV and jog down at Gym America. Not for you. Let’s talk.

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