The biggest lie in Fitness


The biggest lie in Fitness is that getting lean and strong has to take over your life. It’s not the case. In fact, most fitness failures are suffered by those that take too big a bite of the apple. They go overboard to such a degree that their new life is unsustainable. Case in point: Obese woman in her 40’s. Decides it’s time to get leaner and strong. Goes from a sedentary lifestyle with poor eating to a 7 day a week exercise program and a perfectly “clean” diet. Of course she loses weight. Starve me and I will too. Exercise me into the ground Biggest Loser style. Yes, I’ll be lighter. Can she keep this up? Do the contestants on Biggest loser ever keep their “changes?”

No. And it’s because it’s too extreme. If your approach is too out of line with your previous life it will fail. A great trainer will make the smallest changes possible at first to get the client on the right path to leanness. You don’t take the whole bottle of Advil when 2 pills takes the headache away.

I have had clients lose a staggering amount of fat without a huge dent in their social lives. They still ate out. They still enjoyed Chardonnay and cheese plates. I recognize that the new life has to match the old life. It can be done. We’re doing it.

Swing and press some Kettlebells 3-5 times per week. Lower or completely eliminate sugar from your diet. There. You’re ahead of the curve.

Yes, I have clients that will in fact make major changes and stick with them long term from day one. These folks never skip workouts, never cheat on their nutrition and weigh and measure their food right down to the gram and calorie. Fine with me. And that might be you in 6 months. For now, get the sugar down and get the KB’s up. I’ll take care of the rest. And remember- Do something today that will pay you back tomorrow. Call me to schedule your in home fat loss success plan. 919-819-5457. Text is OK too!

Best for you always,

Your trainer Danny

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