Kettlebells are for Life.

My original set of Kettlebells were purchased 18 years ago. I was in Minnesota attending one of the very first RKC certifications led by Pavel Tsatsouline. After a brutal weekend of swings and snatches, I lugged a 16, 24 and 32KG (about 160 lbs) trio of them through 2 airports on the way home. Yes, of course, my gates were all the way at the end of the terminal. Compared to the weekend RKC seminar, this trek home was even more grueling and humbling.

I still have those Bells. I use them nearly everyday, and if I’m not using them, one of my clients is. Those bells have been swung and dropped thousands of times, but their exterior doesn’t show it. These things look like they could have been molded last week.

Things that last and can be passed down forever are intriguing. There’s something about knowing that something will be here long after we’re gone. The stars, the moon, the Kettlebells.

One goal I set with my clients is that they become Girevicks (the Russian word for a KB practitioner) for life. In a world full of trends and flash and things going viral, KB’s have a vintage feel that is appealing. Sure, Kettlebells became popular after Pavel brought them here from Russia and a bunch of companies copied the idea. Now you can buy KB’s at Bed, Bath and Beyond. But the fact that there are cheap knock-offs available doesn’t take away from their allure and real world application.

Make Kettlebells part of your life by making them part of your day- nearly everyday. I swing a bell everyday. Try it. In fact swing it at different times each day. Look at them as mini practices. Might be 100-200 swings or it might be 2 sets of 5. But each day, get one aloft.

Kettlebells work best when they are used frequently over a period of time. Anyone can swing for 6 weeks and diet hard. But we want permanent change. A new life that includes being an athlete with an athlete’s body can be yours. For life. Keep swingin.’




























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