The 3 Deadly S’s


The big “S” we used to worry about was Smoking. 15% of Americans now smoke, way down from 21% in 2005. And of course staggeringly less than in the 80s and 90s. Let’s not even talk about the 1950’s and 60’s when your family Dr. smoked in the office.

You’re reading a newsletter about fat loss, strength, and maximum health- so I know you don’t smoke. Good. What about the 3 other deadly S’s? Guilty?

1.) Sitting.

Yep, it’s true. Sitting isn’t good. And the way we sit in the West is very different than most parts of the world. We sit- bad. They squat- good. Make it a point to BW Squat a few times every hour while sitting. If you’re at home get up and get in a few squats and burpees. It doesn’t have to be much. 1-2 mins. The point is to break up the sitting damage intermittently.

2.) Sugar.

Sugar has gotten a bad rap over the last 20 years, and it deserves it. In plain English-sugar sucks. It’s bad for our skin, our blood and our insulin levels. If there is a benefit to eating sugar, my 20 plus years of researching obesity and diabetics has failed to make me realize it. There is no upside to sugar. None. I eat sugar rarely. Weddings. Birthdays. Maybe once a month. You don’t need it. The couple of minutes “pleasure” it gives is not worth the downside. Learn to get sugar out of your life- you will not miss it. I’ll end with this- I would rather see you drink a glass or two of a dry white or red wine than to consume sugar. A glass of wine with some hard cheese beats the pants off a cupcake, cereal, chips, ice cream and all the other sugar laden nonsense foods.

3.) Sedentary.

C’mon you knew it had to be on the list. Your brain is meant to think and ponder. Your heart is made to love. Your body is meant to move and be challenged. Your tough hearty ancestors trudged through predator laden lands to keep the family alive. They faced saber tooth tigers. Droughts. Shortages of food. If you couldn’t hunt and gather food- you were RIP. The body is meant to be challenged a little each day. It wants to KB swing. It wants to Squat. In fact it needs to. Not physically challenging the body is analogous to not challenging a child’s mind through reading and writing and thinking. Exercise is no longer an option for other people. It’s for you. Required lifting.

I am taking on a select group of clients that are serious about fat loss, developing their best body, and achieving the highest levels of performance. My schedule is filling up quickly. Contact me to set up an initial meeting where we access your goals and dreams and then carve out a plan to make it a reality.

  • Allow 90 minutes for the first visit.

  • I come to your home. I am insured and background checked with references.

  • No charge for the first session

  • I provide all the equipment. You provide the desire to change- and some floor.

  • I specialize in removing your stubborn fat

  • 919-819-5457

“Danny is by far, hands down the most knowledgeable trainer I have ever worked with. His expertise in nutrition, exercise and fat loss is staggering. Work with him and see results- fast.”

Dr. Matthew Osborne, Rolesville, NC.

Make it a sugar free day. And do your swings.

Your friend and trainer Danny

Facebook-  @mytrainerdanny

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