How to hire the right trainer using 3 simple questions

Trainers are everywhere. Once only found in Health Clubs, trainers are now in Gyms, Crossfits, and medical offices. I have hired hundreds, if not thousands of trainers in the past 20 years and

I have learned a few things. I hope you find this information helpful in your quest to transform your body.

  1. ) They don’t need to be Shakespeare, butCan your trainer write? The best trainers I have ever worked with are decent writers, probably because they are prolific readers. They love to convey useful training methods to their readers. They are involved and plugged in to what’s happening in the strength and conditioning world. Is your prospective trainer writing solid fitness information? Do they have articles you can find somewhere? Do they make sense and help you? Can you determine that this person is smart and can impart that knowledge to you?

  2. They don’t need to be Einstein, but…Is your trainer reasonably well educated? I don’t necessarily mean college degrees. I mean do they attend seminars with other top coaches? Do they continue to get education in the training field? Certifications don’t mean a lot. Some are downright fraudulent. I know good trainers that have never been certified. I know terrible trainers that I wouldn’t let play fetch with my dog that hold 10 certifications. There is a happy medium. I have been certified through several organizations. But I learned the most by coaching real clients under real conditions and by attending seminars with other top coaches. Be sure your trainer has a grasp on basic science that relates to your progress as a client. Ask them about adaptation, programming, rest periods, nutrition, exercise selection and never be afraid to ask why. Why the Squat? Why more protein? Why do we train 3 days a week? Why do we do 3 sets of 5? Ask and be sure to get good answers that satisfy you.

  3. They don’t need to be The Rock, but….Is your trainer in decent shape? Do they look strong and like they have spent some time under the bar? The barbell that is. Do they eat decently enough that they have a respectable body composition? Don’t judge a book entirely by its cover. Some of the absolute best and biggest authorities in the strength training world have bellies and aren’t being paid to model underwear. But, some trainers are just, forgive me, slobs. Some smoke cigarettes-yes, I have seen that. On the other hand, be careful not to hire your trainer based on them being the hottest guy or gal around. Some of these trainers are genetically gifted. Good bodies came easily for them. Do they have the info you need if they didn’t need to acquire that info to look that good? In other words, do you hire a native speaker or someone that busted their ass to learn a foreign language? Something to think about.

Good luck in your search for the best trainer. There are fantastic ones out there. There are some that are a disgrace to the personal training industry. Shop carefully. Ask for references. Ask hard questions- a good trainer will love you for it.

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