Do this instead. A guide to avoiding fitness nonsense.

It’s risky as a trainer to keep things simple. I know people want the new and the flashy. Hi tech rules the world. The richest and most successful people are tech giant leaders. It’s no wonder the general population thinks they need fancy “stuff” to get fit and strong. What kind of stuff am I talking about? Motorized treadmills with TV’s in front of them. Fit bits. Heart rate monitors. Exotic expensive supplements. $5000 pieces of “selectorize equipment.” Is this all necessary? No.

Your body adapts to stress. Give it the proper stress in the form of weight resistance applied to the bones and muscles, then let it chill a few days, feed it, and it comes back better. Repeat. Your body doesn’t care where this stress comes from. It doesn’t “know.” If it even had the option of caring- it wouldn’t. All it knows it that something disrupted the state of things and it better adapt or soon trouble is coming.

Want to do this? Do this instead.

  1. Want to run on a treadmill? Run sprints instead. Go outside. Run for 30 seconds. Hard. Now rest and walk comfortably for a minute or two. Now sprint again. Hard. Run! Keep alternating these and add some every other workout. Build up slow and warm up first. There, now fire your treadmill. Let it go hang laundry somewhere else.

  2. Want to spend money on gadgets? Spend money on a good set of Kettlebells instead. And please, stop calling them Kettle balls. They’re bells. Like dumb-bells. Barbells. No exercise method is perfect. But KB’s are damn close. Tough, last forever and give a wicked cardio and strength workout anywhere. You can keep a gym in the car. Get some sessions with a good KB instructor and learn the swing, snatch and get up. Throw in some cleans and presses. Look at you, you’re way, way ahead of the crowd at Planet Fitness.

  3. Want to use exercise machines? Do a dead-lift instead. I choose squats and deadlifts as the 2 best exercises for about 100 reasons. The dead-lift is great because you don’t need much. Just a bar and weights. You could leave this site and go on Craigslist right now and buy an old Barbell set with weights for peanuts. They might give it to you for free for taking it away.  You’ll be dead-lifting in a couple hours. Be sure to do it right. Get a qualified coach to help you learn- there is much more to the lift than meets the eye.

Use the basics. Barbells. Kettle-bells. Dumbbells. Add some protein in–more than you think you need. Quit eating crap. Stop looking for the magic pill. Plus you don’t want it if it existed. The journey matters. Hard work. Discipline. Results. Character. Busting ass. Yeah, that.

You’re too smart to fall for this, but well over 100,000 folks bought the Fit Board. $45 that could have instead bought a Kettlebell.

Fit Board TV




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