In-home training rocks

    You and a living room. That’s all it takes to completely transform your body. I’ll take care of the rest.

      I have rubbed shoulders and trained among the best trainers and coaches in the world. I know what will work for you- and I know what gimmicks and fads are a waste of time.

     Home gym workouts are superior in many ways to gym training. Don’t get me wrong- I love the gym. But the bottom line is home workouts are better. Here’s why: They are harder to miss. No traffic. No lines. No ones sweat to worry about. No MRSA, no flu’s, no bad attitudes and no gym fees. Just you me and the equipment and a focused effort. Home workouts are distraction free. Home workouts rock.

     My focus is on your lifts, your programming, your nutrition and your results. Anyone who claims that you need a commercial gym to succeed is misguided. Training at home is NOT a sub par training experience.

     Your body responds to stress. It doesn’t “know” if it is in a gym, home or on the beach. We stress the body, let it recover and it changes for the better. That’s it. Adaptation 101. Train at home- with Danny.















house drawing





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